• BITCOIN 925.724 19:20 21.01
  • BITCOIN 928.129 19:00 21.01
  • BITCOIN 927.638 18:40 21.01
  • BITCOIN 926.386 18:20 21.01
  • BITCOIN 926.476 18:00 21.01
  • BITCOIN 926.729 17:40 21.01
  • BITCOIN 922.259 17:20 21.01
  • BITCOIN 925.651 17:00 21.01
  • BITCOIN 928.633 16:40 21.01
  • BITCOIN 929.064 16:20 21.01
  • BITCOIN 928.826 16:00 21.01
  • BITCOIN 929.312 15:40 21.01
  • BITCOIN 927.589 15:20 21.01
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To ensure the optimal secure trading environment, PWRtrade
adheres to the strictest of international financial regulations. So you can enjoy all of our special promotions and unlock the full service for your account, Please take one minute to validate your account.

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The below instructions apply to all PWRtrade.com’s Clients. In the event of withdrawal request, the funds will be transferred according to the original method used to fund your trading account. In order to request the withdrawal, fill in the Withdrawal Form, that can be found under My Account/Withdrawal.

Filling in the form:

1. Client Information: fill in all required fields with relevant information.

2. Depending on the withdrawal method, fill in the details for credit card or wire transfer:

- If you choose withdrawal via Credit/Debit Card please ensure that the first 6 digits and the last 4 digits from the front of the credit card are visible along with your name and the expiration date. If the card is not signed on the back, please leave the last three digits on the back of the card visible.

- If you choose withdrawal via wire transfer you are required to provide following information.
- Beneficiary Bank : name of your bank.
- Beneficiary Bank Address : full address of your bank, including city and the country
- IBAN No/Account No : IBAN no. is necessary for international transfers/ account no. is not mandatory
- Beneficiary's full name : your name as stated on the bank account
- Intermediary Bank : this field is not mandatory
- SWIFT/BIC code : please provide your Bank’s SWIFT or BIC code

3. Please sign the withdrawal form, which can be found here and send it back to us at [email protected]
Once a withdrawal form is submitted, it can take up to 7 business days to approve and process the request. It can also take up to 7 business days for the funds to show up in your account. Kindly note, that we will only process your withdrawal request if your account is in compliance with the Know Your Client legal requirements.