• BITCOIN 925.724 19:20 21.01
  • BITCOIN 928.129 19:00 21.01
  • BITCOIN 927.638 18:40 21.01
  • BITCOIN 926.386 18:20 21.01
  • BITCOIN 926.476 18:00 21.01
  • BITCOIN 926.729 17:40 21.01
  • BITCOIN 922.259 17:20 21.01
  • BITCOIN 925.651 17:00 21.01
  • BITCOIN 928.633 16:40 21.01
  • BITCOIN 929.064 16:20 21.01
  • BITCOIN 928.826 16:00 21.01
  • BITCOIN 929.312 15:40 21.01
  • BITCOIN 927.589 15:20 21.01
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Are You Confident About Your Chosen Asset? Pick One Touch Options!

There are many enticing options available to you as a binary options trader, one of which is the One Touch Option. Let’s assume you have selected an asset to trade and you believe that the price of that underlying asset will reach a preset level before it expires. In this instance, you would select a one touch option. Provided that the price of the asset reaches that pre-determined level any time before its expiry, you will enjoy a generous return on the investment. That’s how easy it is to place a one touch option. You will be paid the full return on your trade once the asset expires – no questions asked.

Features of the One Touch Trade

It should be remembered that in order for you to profit from this type of option, the price of your underlying asset must, at the very least, reach the pre-determined price point, or exceed it, before the asset expires. And it must do so only once during the option’s lifespan. If the asset that you have selected does not meet with these criteria during its lifespan, you will not turn a profit and you will be out-of-the money, thereby forfeiting your initial investment.  As with all binary options at PWRtrade, you will know in advance precisely how much you stand to lose or gain when selecting a one touch trade.

Earn Mega Returns on One Touch Options

These exotic options are currently increasing in popularity amongst traders. One touch options are especially common amongst commodities like, Gold, Silver, Coffee, Maize, and Oil. They are also a popular selection for Forex traders with currency pairs such as, USD/CAD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/ZAR, and others.  If you have solid intelligence that the price of a commodity or a currency will spike before returning to its median range, you may want to place a one touch trade. Note that the sustainability of that price rise is not necessary and only a temporary spike will suffice. Unlike most types of options, one touch trades are available 24/7 – even during the weekends.

Features of Trading One Touch Options:

– Mega profits in excess of 400%
– To be in-the-money, the price of your asset must simply touch the preset price
– Predicting the assets direction in unnecessary, as your asset only needs to reach a specific price
– Your call or put option needs to meet the one touch option requirements at PWRtrade
– These one touch options are sampled over 5 days (Mon-Fri) and payouts will be transferred on expiration of the contract