• BITCOIN 925.724 19:20 21.01
  • BITCOIN 928.129 19:00 21.01
  • BITCOIN 927.638 18:40 21.01
  • BITCOIN 926.386 18:20 21.01
  • BITCOIN 926.476 18:00 21.01
  • BITCOIN 926.729 17:40 21.01
  • BITCOIN 922.259 17:20 21.01
  • BITCOIN 925.651 17:00 21.01
  • BITCOIN 928.633 16:40 21.01
  • BITCOIN 929.064 16:20 21.01
  • BITCOIN 928.826 16:00 21.01
  • BITCOIN 929.312 15:40 21.01
  • BITCOIN 927.589 15:20 21.01
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Long Term

Long term binary options give you the ability to trade on a wider time line. By taking into account the macro-economic environment and basic fundamental indicators, you have exposure to positions expiring at times ranging from the next day to 1 year.

If your predictions are correct, meaning that your position is in-the-money, you can increase your trading account based on your long term trades.

Do you think that the predictions for the growth of Chinese economy are over-ambitious? Do you think that analysts underestimate the forecast for the quarterly results of a mobile device manufacturer? In trading long term options, you have exposure to a larger time frame and therefore take advantage of your knowledge in the financial markets.

Long term options are similar to binary options. Just choose the asset, the amount, and the direction that you believe that the asset will move. The difference is that expiry times of assets are not on the same day. Expiry times are: the next day, the day after next, end of week, end of month, end of quarter, and so on.

Βenefits of Long Term Include:

– Instantly generating up to 85% return on your investment
– Advanced knowledge of precisely what you stand to gain or lose, with a loss limited only to your initial investment amount
– You can trade online, at your leisure – whenever and wherever you prefer! – With binary options trading you know well in advance precisely what you stand to gain and your loss is limited only to your initial investment amount
– You can trade classic binary options online at your leisure – whenever you feel like doing so