• BITCOIN 925.724 19:20 21.01
  • BITCOIN 928.129 19:00 21.01
  • BITCOIN 927.638 18:40 21.01
  • BITCOIN 926.386 18:20 21.01
  • BITCOIN 926.476 18:00 21.01
  • BITCOIN 926.729 17:40 21.01
  • BITCOIN 922.259 17:20 21.01
  • BITCOIN 925.651 17:00 21.01
  • BITCOIN 928.633 16:40 21.01
  • BITCOIN 929.064 16:20 21.01
  • BITCOIN 928.826 16:00 21.01
  • BITCOIN 929.312 15:40 21.01
  • BITCOIN 927.589 15:20 21.01
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At PWRtrade, we want to give our traders power over their own finances. One way we accomplish this is by offering several different account types so you can choose that which is best for your current financial needs. Start with a Silver account – this is perfect for beginner traders and has a minimum deposit amount of $2,000. After gaining some experience in binary options trading, you can always upgrade to one of our other accounts such as, the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond account types. Below you can see all of the features available for each of these accounts:

How to Choose the Right Trading Account

It is important for you to choose the appropriate trading account based on your needs.  There are several factors you should consider when choosing a trading account. First, you need to determine how much capital you can use for trading. Our accounts have minimum deposits so you should never choose an account that makes it hard for you to place the minimum deposit. At the same time, if you choose an account with a minimum that is too low then you are not effectively utilizing your trading funds. Second, you should consider other account features that you may want. For example, if you want to have unlimited access to daily signals, you should choose an account that both meets your financial needs and has the feature for daily signals. Or if you want more in-depth customer assistance, like an account manager or one-on-one trading sessions, you should find an account that befits this desired feature as well as your financial needs. No matter what account you choose, at PWRtrade you will always be able to contact one of our professional customer support representatives. They can assist you with a variety of matters regarding PWRtrade and can even help you choose the account type that will serve you best. All traders are protected by our advanced security technology, so rest assured knowing that your information is completely safe.